Have you dreamed for years of doing work that you really love and getting paid? Wouldn’t it be great to set your own hours, have the freedom to travel, raise a family or improve your health and beauty while encouraging clients to eat better, live longer and thrive? Join the happy students at Academy Healing Nutrition on line and in practical cooking demonstration classes in New York and London.

Our teachers are natural health and cooking experts. Roger Green, founder of the Academy, has traveled the world over collecting dietary wisdom from the longest lived people on the planet. The comprehensive, integrative training program, practical experience with a variety of traditional cuisines and professional guidance comes from the heart and soul of the Academy’s dedicated professionals. That’s the yin that provides the foundation and ongoing nurturing help for students and graduates. The yang is provided by Eden Connelly Tallarico, our talented business and SEO expert. Without organizational skills to formulate your natural health practice and smart ways to promote your individualized healing approach, the training falls flat.

This weekend online we were treated to Eden’s advice and useful professional contacts. Her enthusiastic super positive energy is liberating for many students who had not quite formulated how to integrate their personal commitment to healing with how to make money. Here is an overview: She did her magic with questions. Students felt so comfortable and emotionally supported that they opened up their feelings about what brought them to the profession, what personal gifts and experiences led them towards a dietary healing approach. We came to realize and verbalize our loving connection to people and the Earth. It was OK to feel unprepared or lack confidence because listening to students share their aspirations and plans made it clear that this is a supportive community.

Eden introduced us online to a few of her clients. It was clear she loved working with them. One is a mother who coaches clients in an underserved population—women of color–using local upstate New York foods and folk remedies. Eden’s tastefully elegant website www.edeneconnelly.com displays her dedication to empowering women, underserved and disadvantaged communities. She describes herself as “a health writer, organizer, and holistic digital strategist invested in helping healers, women, and folks on the margins shape and create our new culture and economy for a more equitable, sustainable and enjoyable future. Born and raised in upstate NY on occupied Onondaga territory, her life has been influenced by Haudenosaunee philosophy and teachings.” The Haudenosaunee, or “people of the longhouse,” commonly referred to as Iroquois or Six Nations, are members of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy which during the colonial years were made up of the Mohawk, Onondaga, Oneida, Cayuga, Seneca and Tuscarora peoples.

Eden says she works with people who may work as bartenders or housewives as well as corporate clients based on their needs and income. Her services include

  • Branding + Design
  • Website Design + Coaching
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Content Strategy + Copywriting
  • Marketing Funnel Building
  • SEO

Her approach is to help people to form and achieve their work based on heart-felt personal goals. She says, “I love how technology connects us, and don’t love the way it comes between us. I think the best things in life happen IRL, & I create lean and optimized strategies for people to easily share their content with the world so they can get back to doing what they love.”

She asks students to describe their favorite work, imagine a profile of how their client would look, age, their location, interests, salary, lifestyle etc. and how we want them to feel. That should be the content of our health practice: Know who we are, what our clients want and need and how to give them the best of what we have to offer them.

The second day of the weekend workshop began with a personal analysis of our income, expenses and assessment of our financial needs. Then came a virtual tour of internet social media, including businesses set up to facilitate entrepreneurial work. Eden shared helpful contacts such as an online company called Ubersuggest to help users decide upon SEO words. For example, if you write a blog or article it is helpful to know how searched (how popular) your topic is on the internet. Is it a popular search or is your work (your topic) ignored? The more the word is seen gives us an idea of the popular demand for the item or service.

How to find followers and clients on the internet? Become visible on your landing page, website or social media like facebook or Instagram, mentioned many times. Keep it simple and direct, don’t fake or try to over-impress. Offer something free to get readers’ email. Then do a deeper dive, contact them several times. Don’t expect to sell a product or service with one email.

Finally students shared their own working projects, plans and hopes. Creative ideas flowed freely—from setting up a stand at a flea market with sample cooking to virtual cooking classes. It all sounded fun. The important part was the students bringing into reality their best dreams for happy, rewarding work.