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through a transformational nutrition workshop.

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    What’s happened to our health?

    We’re living in the middle of one of the worst health epidemics of all time. Heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, depression, and obesity are all conditions that are directly linked to diet. Experts including the WHO and the Cleveland Clinic estimate that up to 80% of chronic diseases can be prevented through diet and lifestyle.

    So what happened? How did we lose the intuition required to eat in a healthy way?

    This 3 hour digital workshop offers a refreshingly non-dogmatic perspective into the art of using “food as medicine.” Inspired by cultures of longevity from around the world, including Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Blue Zones and the work of Weston Price, this workshop offers a new and ancient framework for cultivating long-lasting, radiant health.

    Food as Medicine (Workshop)

    Sale Price: $12.00 Original Price: $390.00

    You will learn:

    ✔️ The ancient art + science of using food as medicine

    ✔️ Context for the current challenges we face (i.e mineral depletion in soil, rise of processed foods, toxic exposures, etc.)

    ✔️ Introduction to Five Element Theory

    ✔️ Introduction to the Eastern worldview of Yin & Yang

    ✔️ Introduction to Food Energetics

    ✔️ Introduction to Daoist Tonic Herbalism

    ✔️ Ingredients + principles of the longevity diet, as well as proper food preparation techniques

    Learn the Academy Healing Nutrition’s “Food as Medicine” method to nourish your cells, boost your digestion, improve your energy, strengthen your immunity, perk up your brain power, release stress, transform your appearance, and connect with your purpose in life.

    ***If you purchase this workshop, and then decide to sign up for our course, we will deduct the $12 from your tuition.

    About the Instructor

    This Food as Medicine workshop is taught by renowned holistic health expert and founder of the Academy Healing Nutrition, Roger Green. As a lifelong student of Eastern and Western healing techniques including Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, longevity science, energy healing, feng shui and more, Roger is a teacher of sought-after workshops and trainings in over 70 countries. After opening one of the first alternative healing clinics in Sydney in the 1970’s, he went on teaching holistic healing, TCM and longevity science through his Academy Healing Nutrition, located in New York City, Prague, London, and worldwide online.
    Academy Healing Nutrition founder, Roger Green

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    Our Holistic Health Practitioner Course is open for enrollment. Book a 15 minute call with an AHN team member to ask about our Food as Medicine curriculum, payment options and the career paths that open to our graduates. Create a livelihood that aligns with your passion and values. Our dynamic blend of online and live cooking classes and seminars will teach you how to bring more balance and vitality into your own life, and guide others to do the same.