Our health is up for grabs. Two days ago a US District Judge in California, Trump appointee Timothy Kelly, ruled that the cancer warning should be removed from Roundup the most widely used plant killer. The cancer warning “interfered with Monsanto’s free speech.” Trump has bragged about appointing 300 Federal judges and two Supreme Court judges in effect coercing the judicial branch of government out of existence in favor of special interests and campaign donors.

How does Roundup work, what makes it dangerous, how does it affect you, your pets and kids, how long does it stay on plants, in the soil or in our body? According to some authorities, “It has been tested and considered to have a fairly low impact on humans, fish and wildlife.” But products containing glyphosate like Roundup are even more toxic because of additional ingredients that increase it deadly effects. Killing plants alters animal habitat and our habitat. Roundup is designed to kill all plants not only weeds.

Glyphosate, a main herbicide in Roundup, is applied on leaves or sprayed to kill both broadleaf plants and grasses. It also kills insects and bees that fly nearby. The sodium salt of glyphosate is used to regulate plant growth and ripen specific crops like grains so they can be sold quicker. Sad to say, Popular oat cereals, oatmeal, granola and snack bars come with a hefty dose of the weed-killing poison in Roundup, According to ecowatch.com in 2016:

Along with wheat and oats, glyphosate is used to desiccate a wide range of other crops including lentils, peas, non-GMO soybeans, corn, flax, rye, triticale, buckwheat, millet, canola, sugar beets and potatoes. Sunflowers may also be treated pre-harvest with glyphosate, according to the National Sunflower Association.

People use that pesticide in agriculture and forestry, on home lawns, gardens, playgrounds and golf courses and in industrial areas. Products containing glyphosate also control aquatic plants. There are over 750 products containing glyphosate for sale in the United States. Each year we use 1.8 million tons of glyphosate, despite restrictions in a number of states—California, Colorado, and Connecticut for example. Chicago and other cities have recognized the damage that Roundup causes to DNA as early as 2015. They are in the process of limiting its use in public areas. Many countries around the world have banned or are phasing out the use of Roundup. https://www.carlsonattorneys.com/news-and-update/banning-roundup

Obviously we have all been exposed to pesticides in foods and insect sprays in an attempt to curb mosquito borne disease. Glyphosate does not easily pass through the skin in humans or animals but it stays on the surface to damage skin cells. Skin burns, discolors and eventually sags. Since 2015, we recognize that it can cause cancer. “Glyphosate that is absorbed or ingested is thought to pass through the body relatively quickly in urine and feces without being changed into another chemical.” But we don’t know the long term effects on our cells and DNA. Glyphosate causes eye irritation. People who breathe in spray mist containing glyphosate feel irritation in their nose and throat. Swallowing it burns in the mouth and throat, causes nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and death. Pets who roll around in wet grass or soil sprayed with Roundup often die.

Glyphosate binds to soil and persists in soil for up to 6 months depending on the climate and the type of soil it is in. Glyphosate is said to be eventually broken down by bacteria in the soil. But industrial farming and use of pesticides eliminates that necessary bacteria. It is a self-perpetuating poison. One study found that glyphosate was taken up by carrots and lettuce after the soil was treated with it.

Each year the Environmental Working Group EWG lists its “Dirty Dozen” foods which are heavily sprayed with pesticides and its “Clean Fifteen” which use less or no pesticides. For 2020 they are:

The Dirty 12: Strawberries, spinach, kale, nectarines, apples, grapes, peaches, cherries, pears, tomatoes, celery and potatoes.

The Clean 15: Avocados, sweet corn, pineapple, onions, papaya, sweet peas (frozen), eggplant, asparagus, cauliflower, cantaloupe, broccoli, mushrooms, cabbage, honeydew melon, and kiwi. Soon ewg.org will publish its list of foods especially treated with Roundup so sign up at that website to receive the information.

What are natural safe natural pesticides or better methods to grow our foods? Ask at farmers’ markets what they use on their crops. There are natural vinegar sprays, plant treatments using spray steam, electric shock, neem oil a plant pesticide for aphids, and essential oils. Or growing crops that require no pesticide. Some organic farmers use mulch to repopulate the soil with healthy bacteria. Some grow crops side by side that prevent pests. They don’t over-water crops. Researchers at Cornell University are developing a cover crop-based, rotational no-till system as an alternative approach to weed management for organic farmers that are interested in reducing tillage. Also see natural planting and pesticide alternatives at: https://www.momsacrossamerica.com/10_alternatives_to_roundup

How can we detox our body from glyphosate?

What foods and supplements are helpful? Are there other ways to rid the liver and kidney of it and reduce DNA damage? Glyphosate is said to be “an antibiotic which has a chelating effect” (i.e. it may remove important minerals from the body.) It has an especially adverse effect on flora in the gut and restricts the body’s ability to create essential amino acids. A toxic endocrine disruptor, it is linked to cancer development.

Enter AcademyHealingNutrition.com

First build back necessary gut bacteria with naturally pickled vegetables and resistant starches such as cold pasta and raw green beans. You know your gut bacteria is thriving if digestion improves—less bloating and better absorption. Other natural ways to cleanse the body of poisons such as glyphosate include drinking filtered water adding bentonite clay, bathing in baking soda water, adding clay to the bath, adding unscented Borax powder to the bath to help remove heavy metals in the body and bath water.

Sauna or steam therapies to sweat out unwanted toxins and heavy metals are useful, as well as an increase in the use of probiotic foods and supplements to replenish the micro biota destroyed by glyphosate. See my previous blog on Probiotic and Pre-biotic foods. Increasing consumption of essential minerals and electrolytes needed by the body including potassium, manganese, magnesium, sulfur etc. is also helpful. The detox must begin by removing glyphosate from the gastrointestinal tract and the organs responsible for respiration i.e. the lungs and the skin. Bitter greens and high sulfur foods such as onion and garlic are helpful.

We also recommend ancient Ayurvedic purification therapies. The use of sesame oil as an effective skin and intestinal tract detox has been documented by researchers along with pre-ingestion of ghee as a purgation therapy to draw the toxins into the intestinal tract. Combined with steam treatments and oil massage to loosen impurities from the skin and tissues, followed by oil enemas to further remove impurities from the intestinal tract, such therapies have been shown to be effective for the removal of a number of major pesticides. Sesame oil has been studied in preventing cancer cell growth in vitro. Other experts use flaxseed oil for cancer treatments. One of my friends spent a fortune during a week at an Indian spa enjoying all sorts of traditional treatments. She regretted not being able to duplicate the relaxing oil enema at home. I suggested using a flaxseed soft gel as a suppository. She reported that worked quite well.


WholeFoodsMagazine: “Research specific to glyphosate published in 2014 found that the oral application of the following substances was effective in reducing urinary levels of glyphosate. This included fulvic acids, humic acids, activated charcoal and bentonite clay. Some of these substances are standardly used in organic intestinal cleanse programs. This particular study added a fermented food juice (sauerkraut) to the detox mix and concluded that a charcoal-sauerkraut juice-humic acid combination reduced glyphosate and led to improved health in animals tested. We can buy fulvic acid, humic acid, trace mineral spray used as an oral supplement at Amazon.com.

But there are traditional Ayurvedic herbs including Shilajit aka Shilajeet, that have been used for centuries. Shilajit, the traditional Ayurvedic remedy for stress and premature aging, contains fulvic acid and more than 84 minerals, so it offers numerous health benefits. It can function as an antioxidant to improve your body’s immunity and memory, an anti-inflammatory, an energy booster, and a diuretic to remove excess fluid from your body. Shilajit is made from refined, detoxified Himalayan mineral pitch. It is sold in capsules. If you buy the organic powder, it tastes like drinking the stockyard or stables, but you can mask the bad taste if you brew a pinch, no more than ¼ teaspoon, with coffee.

Liver and Blood-Cleansing Herbs

Another study used various medicinal herbs to test their glyphosate detox effectiveness. The researchers concluded that the plant extracts were not capable of preventing the glyphosate from entering cells. However, the herbal extract formula, consisting of dandelion, alder buckthorn, radish and milk thistle, did restore the CYP1A2 (enzymatic) activity which was found to be disrupted by Roundup. Researchers also studied the action of liver cells exposed to glyphosate and the effects of a specific combination of medicinal plant extracts which included dandelion, burdock root, barberry (berberine) and greater celandine. These plants have digestive detox and liver protective effects. They can be boiled in water used to brew coffee or tea.

The study found that the herbal detox formula was able to prevent Roundup induced cell death in a time related sequence i.e. there was an 89% effectiveness within 48 hours of ingesting the formula. This same herbal combination was also used in a study six years later, testing the in vivo effects prior to and during 8 days of glyphosate intoxication. No side effects were observed. As a result researchers concluded that the herbal formula had strong preventative and therapeutic properties in vivo after short term exposure to the Roundup formula. For a traditional Chinese liver/gallbladder cleansing herbal formula see:

Cool and Collected: https://winghopfung.com/products/lung-tan-xie-gan-soup?_pos=1&_sid=58505c875&_ss=r

Foods for Glyphosate Detox
The following foods and supplements have been recommended as a glyphosate detox: Radish, sauerkraut and minerals including manganese, sulfur, fulvic acids, humid acids, charcoal, bentonite clay and various herbs. Milk thistle, for example, has long been revered as a liver detox agent as has dandelion which is also known as a blood purifier. Health practitioners may also recommend a highly alkaline diet (with a major emphasis on fresh fruits and vegetables) in combination with detox efforts supplemented by adequate pure water consumption, oxygen, fresh air and sufficient vigorous outdoor exercise. Qigong, tai chi and deep breathing allow air and oxygen to go deep into the lungs and cells. According to WholeFoodsMagazine: “Living in an area with pure mountain or seaside air, far away from agricultural fields or areas with glyphosate exposure, is very helpful.” What a dream!

The Guardian, August, 2018: “The Trump administration has rescinded an Obama-era ban on the use of pesticides linked to declining bee populations and the cultivation of genetically modified crops in dozens of national wildlife refuges where farming is permitted.”. . June 2020, L.A.Times: “Bayer to pay $12 billion to settle many Roundup suits and other Monsanto liabilities. The Roundup agreements will resolve 75% of about 125,000 claims that have either been filed or were set to be filed, Bayer said.” That same week President Trump and his cabal demanded that the Supreme Court abolish Obamacare which covers pre-existing conditions most likely cancer from pesticide exposure. There may be a connection there…