Everybody is welcome to join our community. NYC, click the link in our bio to get involved with @healingnutrition! ❀️ ...

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Learn the tools to heal yourself this Thursday at our NYC campus. Open house, come one, come all. #linkinbio ...

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Want to win a ticket for you and a friend/co-founder/colleague to attend our Food as Medicine workshop in London this Saturday November 2nd? The workshop will be from 10 am - 4 pm, filled with beautiful information on longevity and healing through food.
β‡οΈŽ Participants must follow @healingnutrition β‡οΈŽ Like this postβ €
β‡οΈŽ Comment on this post and tag the friend/colleague/cofounder you’d like to attend with! Winner will be DMed with tickets! Competition ends October 29th at 8PM GMT. Excited to see you! 🌱 β €

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Taking care of yourself is necessary for longevity, it’s up to you make it a part of your daily practices. 🌱 ...

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There is no such thing as a quick fix to any aspect of being well. 🌱 ...

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Learn the ancient art of using #FoodAsMedicine at one of our upcoming events 🍡 Open House: Oct. 29 // Full Day Workshop: Nov 2. #linkinbio ...

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Soups, ginger, roasted root vegetables and cinnamon will support your body during the change of seasons. πŸ‹ ...

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The goal is to always return to flow. Flow with the seasons, flow with what life brings you. 🌼 ...

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We are ever changing, ever evolving humans. Eating for longevity with mindfulness only supplements this in a positive way. 🍈 ...

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The more imperfect the better. At @healingnutrition we believe produce with organic shapes hold more Qi, life force. ❀️ ...

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Last open house before our holistic health coaching school begins LIVE in NYC. 🍎 10/10 | RSVP in bio link. #foodismedicine ...

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Our 35 year old health coaching school combines Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine + longevity science with hands-on cooking classes + in-depth seminars. 🍡 Apply by 10/1. #FoodisMedicine ...

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Mind and spirit also make up a large part of cultivating longevity. 🍊 ...

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There is no need to cut out any food groups entirely, rather quality and wholeness are what is to be focused on. 🌱 ...

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As long as nourishment is at the core of your existence, the room for error is slim. 🌱 ...

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All your answers are found in nature. Listen and be patient. 🌱 ...

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Knowledge can fuel you the same way food can. It is best to take in the most nourishing forms of both. Learn more on how to do so at @healingnutrition. 🌱 #linkinbio ...

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What if your lifestyle supported your health, rather than being in conflict with it? Enroll to @healingnutrition today:) ...

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It all starts with your microbiome. By incorporating fermented foods to your daily intake, you slowly and steadily keep your gut healthy and balanced. πŸ₯’ ...

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