Roger Green

Roger Green

Roger Green, Founder

Mr. Roger Green is a pioneer in modern day natural healthcare incorporating both eastern and western themes, having presented in over 70 countries. He is the Founder and Director of the Academy Healing Nutrition based in NYC, a 35-year curriculum specializing in food and tonic herbs as medicine, where he has assisted thousands in their recovery from disease through natural healing methods. Roger, originally from New Zealand, was a co-founder of one of the first alternative medicine centers in Sydney, Australia. After directing several private natural health clinics, Green established The Academy of Healing Nutrition with branches in New York, London, and Prague. 

A lively and enthusiastic teaching style, he illuminates and explores the deeper principles and underlying wisdom of ancient philosophies and Taoist Medicine. Integrating various schools of knowledge into a creative, flexible and holistic approach, and with many years of practical involvement with natural healing, Roger has developed a unique ability to communicate the subtleties of Oriental thought in a profound and meaningful way. He has empowered thousands around the world to take active participant in their health, healing and destiny.

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