Bill Tara

William TaraFor over 45 years, Bill Tara has been an advocate of a Natural approach to health care. He was vice-president of Erewhon Trading Co, one of the first major distributors of organically grown foods in America in the 1960s and was active in the Natural Foods Movement in both America and Europe.

He began his educational work in the 1960s and in 1975 founded the Community Health Foundation and the East West Centre in London, England. This center was the largest and most active alternative health center in Europe and served as a model for other organizations worldwide.

He has submitted expert testimony to the American Congress on diet and disease and is the author of several books on the Macrobiotic approach to health, including Macrobiotics and Human Behavior. He has given seminars on natural health care in over 20 countries and served on the faculties of the Kushi Institutes, in England and America, the Kiental Institute in Switzerland and Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado.