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Food as Medicine Study Tour
Starting September 6th, 2019

Longevity Healing Arts and the Secrets of Eastern Medicine

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Are ready for a transformational journey to China and Hong Kong? Our aim is to make your trip a truly memorable and unforgettable experience!

 Imagine a ‘Food as Medicine” tour that unravels the secrets and mysteries of Taoism and Eastern Medicine. Experience the land, the teachers, the people and the sacred temples.China has no shortage of marvels – both man-made and natural, to dazzle its visitors.  We will capture many of these beautiful sights. 

 By taking part in this study tour, you will be immersed in the arts of Chinese herbal medicine and longevity science. Learn first-hand about food as medicine, meet local teachers, attend cooking classes, taste fantastic Asian recipes and visit ancient Taoist and Buddhist Temples. Join us on an adventure of a lifetime! Beginning this September 6th, 2019, we will all meet in Hong Kong to begin our journey, to immerse ourselves into the study of health and longevity, and enjoy the company and congeniality of an international group of people focused on balance and harmony in our life journey. Academy Healing Nutrition Director Roger Green and faculty member Nam Singh are leading this inspiring journey into the heart of Taoist culture

Explore the exotic ancient Taoist and Buddhist civilization of China.
As the decade draws to an end, find yourself in the wonders and delights of China with teachers and a group that has a focus on natural healing and exploring the Asian culinary arts. This tour offers a great chance to appreciate China’s natural beauty and rural landscapes, and learn about the Taoist culture with a focus on the longevity cooking arts.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the places and moments that take our breath away.

Well folks, finally that time has arrived. Beginning in Hong Kong with an arrival date of 6th September – the Magical mystery tour begins. It is open to all to join in, especially if you have a keen interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Taoist arts of longevity.

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Roger Green

Roger Green


Roger Green has had the great fortune to travel to China on many occasionsand has previously organized several study tours. He has taught Food as Medicine for over 35 years in over 70 countries. He is the Director of the Academy Healing Nutrition with locations in NYC, London and Prague. This study tour is special – we are joined by Taoist teacher and Chef, Nam Singh from San Francisco, who like Roger, has taught Food as Medicine and Taoist Herbs of Longevity for many decades.

Nam Singh - Tao Shi

Nam Singh - Tao Shi

Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Nam Singh had a special childhood and upbringing. Every summer from an early age, he spent in a Taiwanese monastery studying all of the Taoist arts, including cooking, healing foods and herbs, qigong, acupuncture, feng shui and mediation. Later he applied this knowledge as one of the pioneers in TCM and natural medicine in California. For many years in the Academy Healing Nutrition training program, Nam Singh would play a video made in the 1980’s of a very old Taoist temple located in the Chengdu mountains called Qingyanggong.  Here they still serve “Food as Medicine” with herbal remedies gathered from the surrounding mountains. Each year, our Academy Healing students would proclaim- “when are you going to organize a tour to this most amazing magical and important historical Taoist temple/monastery!”

Itinerary Overview

Enjoy a comfortable pace and marvel at the extraordinary history, culture and architecture of China. Discover the hidden gems, immerse yourself in local cultures, explore palaces and temples. Greet a Panda bear in Chengdu, learn how to pick tea leaves, visit the Terracotta Soldiers, have a mediation with the giant Lu Shan Buddha, rest and study in the heart and soul of where Taoism began, Chengdu, meet local teachers and learn how to cook with Chinese herbs of longevity (live to a 120 plus!).


This tour is a combination of vibrant Hong Kong and top highlights in mainland China, interlaced with meeting expert Chinese chefs, leading up to the historical Qingyanggong Taoist temple in Chengdu. With the glamorous Hong Kong as the start of your China trip, we then proceed onto the majestic historical wonders in Beijing, Xi’an, and Chengdu.

  • Handpicked 4 star hotels in convenient locations
  • Experience the bullet trains of China- whizzzzz through the kaleidoscope of the Chinese countryside
  • Special culinary classes with local teachers

What people experience on these tours varies widely, however there are some common threads. The osmosis effect, actually being there and breathing in with all of your senses, creates a powerful learning experience. Meeting new people from all over the world with a common desire generates a powerful vortex of new ideas, knowledge and expressions. Learning first-hand creates the experience of getting this amazing knowledge deep into our bones.

Tour Highlights

  • You finally get to see the Great Wall of China  
  • Unveil the imperial life in the Forbidden City
  • Walk in Tiananmen Square
  • Pilgrimage: The White Cloud Taoist Temple in Beijing
  • Have your destiny read at the Hong Kong Wong Tai Sin Temple
  • Discover the first Chinese capital Xian, home of 11 dynasties.
  • Be amazed at over 8,000 life sized Terracotta Soldiers
  • Pilgrimage: The Qingyanggong Taoist Temple in the west mountains of Chengdu
  • Pilgrimage: The giant Lu Shan Buddha – the world’s largest stone Buddha carved into the mountain side
  • Feed a Panda Bear
  • Learn new foods, herbs, recipes and cooking styles
  • Culinary classes with local teachers and tea tastings
  • Local food markets tours- discover exotic traditional ingredients
  • Tuition with a focus on health, vitality, herbal medicine and the culinary arts


September 6th Friday (Hong Kong)

Arrive into our Hong Kong hotel

Arrive earlier if you wish

 September 7-9

Activities in HK

 September 10-13

Activities in Beijing

 September 13-15

Activities in Xian

 September 15-19

Activities in Chengdu

 September 20th Friday

End of tour. Depart for home

Or make your own arrangements to visit other cities

Our tour operator can assist you

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Hong Kong

Hong Kong – teeming with unending delights – awaits you. Hong Kong is a big exciting dynamic exotic city, and it is ready to treat you to some big fun! Roger calls Hong Kong the NYC of the Asian Pacific. With convenient transportation connecting almost everywhere worldwide, Hong Kong makes a perfect choice as the gateway city and the start of our trip to mainland China.
Architecture enthusiasts will find Hong Kong’s Central district fascinating, it is famous for its buildings laid out in accordance with Feng Shui principles. It was the last crown in the jewel of the British Empire and the frontline state of the Pacific Rim economic explosion.

Arrive by Friday and settle in for a good night sleep, or meet fellow comrades in the bar.
Your adventure begins 9am after breakfast the next day!

Kowloon at the southern tip of the mainland peninsula, is tightly packed with shops, bars, hotels and housing in a jumble of skyscrapers and old low-rise tenements. This area is popular with tourists and locals, we are close to Nathan Road, and the famous Wong Tai temple, the Jade Market, Temple Street Night Market, the Ferry Pier, the Avenue of Stars and plenty of authentic, good local cuisine and quirky little restaurants.

We will be immersing ourselves in bustling atmosphere of Hong Kong, with a stroll along the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade, with its splendid vistas of Hong Kong’s harbor and skyline and a vertiginous ride up the Victoria Peak tram – one of the city’s most breathtaking attractions.

We will explore the intricate and colorful temples, and indulge in a dose of imperial culture by partaking in high tea at the famous (best Feng Shui) 5-star Peninsula Hotel. Some of you might join Roger later that night and party at the Peninsula night club, with its views of the Hong Kong skyline and watch a spectacular light display from the ambitious modern buildings over-looking the harbor. We head to Temple Street night market to sample the legendary street food and shop for bargains.

We visit one of the famous Taoist Temples- Wong Tai Sin which is surrounded by dozens of fortune tellers. You can get your 4 Pillars of Destiny astrology consultation based on your hour, day, month and year of birth, have an I Ching reading, or work through the meanings of those lines on your hand and face- then get your destiny and life purpose aligned with offerings at the temple! Lots of fun – Roger always returns to this temple every time he is in Hong Kong.

You will be meeting local chefs, visit local food markets and experience first-hand the culinary arts of Hong Kong.

“Hong Kong is a wonderful, mixed-up town where you’ve got great food and adventure. First and foremost, it’s a great place to experience China in a relatively accessible way.” – Anthony Bourdain


Cave dwellers inhabited the area some 500,000 ago. Early records of settlements date from around 1000 BC. In 2008, the great ancient capital of China hosted the Olympic games. Feng Shui practitioners advised the moving of the capital from Xian to Beijing because of the auspicious shapes and arrangements of hills and mountains in the plateau it now sits in. 

This city boasts some of the best restaurants fit for an emperor. We will walk the old town Hutong, with its small narrow atmospheric alleyways that feel like a time capsule, and explore food market places.

White Cloud Taoist Temple

We will visit the White Cloud Taoist Temple (Baiyun Guan). Lao Zi, the founding philosopher of Taoism and the canon Tao Te Ching, is the chief deity and is honored at the temple. Taoism is a philosophy religion with its origin roots in Shamanism, and has been practiced formally since 207 B.C., based on the existence of Tao (The Way of Nature) being all-embracing and everlasting, and gives birth to and governs everything including the sky and earth. Taoist hold they can attain longevity and become one with the Tao through special practices of mediation, exercise, diet, herbal tonics, and service to humanity.
We begin your explorations in Beijing by paying a visit to the largest city square in the world, Tiananmen Square. It covers 100 acres in the heart of modern Beijing, and until the early part of this century the area was filled with buildings, which were gradually demolished, to create a square, where, on October 1, 1949, a million-people gathered to hear Mao Zedong proclaim the birth of the People’s Republic of China.

We make our way across the road to the magnificent Forbidden City, one of the most recognizable landmarks and cultural symbols of China as the former royal residence for five centuries. As the imperial palace for both Ming and Qing Dynasty, Forbidden City was home to 24 emperors and witnessed the rises and falls of the two dynasties from the year 1420 to 1912.

The Forbidden City is built with Feng Shui principles, a captivating structure with 9999.5 rooms looking magnificent in green and gold. More of its feng shui features will be explained by Roger. With more than a million priceless exhibits on display, this bewildering variety of invaluable treasures reveal the luxurious life of the past royal families. We will enter the inner sanctum, a courtyard garden that use to be off limits to everyone except the emperor, a beautifully designed feng shui garden, and then walk back out through the golden-capped pavilions, six in total representing the six lines of the I Ching, there is 180 acres designed to shock and awe.

The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall was the edge of the ancient Chinese world, beyond it was the belief the world descended into chaos and barbarism. Extending in China from east to west more than 6700 kilometers like a robust dragon, the magnificent Great Wall is undeniably the most awesome attraction in China. It has been regarded as the greatest construction in the history of human civilization. Its huge size makes it the only man-made project, which can be seen with the naked eye by astronauts in space. This is one cross done on your bucket list.

by High Speed Train

In the morning, we will be taken to the railway station for the high-speed train to Xian, which takes approximately 5 hours, and along the way admire the scenery of the Chinese countryside. Upon arriving at the Xian Station, our tour contractor would pick us up and escort us to the Xian hotel.

The Temple of Heaven

We will visit to the remarkable Temple of Heaven, where emperors of Ming and Qing Dynasties performed ceremonies and rituals to pray for good harvest and blessing on the country.


We will explore the ancient Xian City Wall, the largest and best-preserved wall enclosing the old capital. In the middle of the old block of Xian stands the Great Mosque, the oldest and biggest Islamic mosque in the country, determined to have been built in mid-7th century. Around the mosque is the Muslim Streetthat is bustling every day bazaarwith loads of the most authentic fine eateries and souvenirs shops. It was the original starting point of the Silk Road trade route. We will walk to the tranquil Small Wild Goose Pagodabuilt in 8th century for prayer for health and luck to the emperor. Enjoy some free time and marvel at the mouth-watering specialty foods and varieties of craftwork.

    Terra-cotta Warriors

    The Eighth Wonder of the World is the Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses Museum, about 1-hour drive from downtown area. Be amazed by the warriors’ sizes, unique faces, distinctive facial expressions, hair styles, figures as well as uniforms, that were vividly made to protect the emperor in his afterlife.

    Xi’an – Chengdu by High Speed Train

    We take the bullet train to Chengdu, just 3.5 hours away.


    Entitled as “the land of abundance”, Chengdu greets travelers with its slow-paced life, relaxing tea house culture, vibrant nightlife, variety of historic sites, Sichuan hot pot cooking styles, modern artistic architectures and is the hometown of the world’s most adorable residents–the giant pandas.

    Panda Bear
    You will enjoy a chance to get up-close interactions under the assistance of experienced panda experts. Catch sight of the pandas as they nibble bamboos, climb the trees, play on the grass or sleep on the ground.

    Qingyanggong Taoist Temple and Monastery
    (Blue City Mountain Temple)
    Chengdu is the ancestor home of Taoist philosophy and medicine. Legend has it that Lao Zi the Taoist master was born here. This temple has many priceless cultural relics including the huge bronze goats, an ancient bell (weighing more than 1500 kg), a very large Ginkgo tree, many stone sculptures, and the storage of many important Taoist manuscripts and books. The arrangements of the seven pillars is according to the positions of the Big Dipper. There is a pair of huge stone lions and a dragon king well.


    Humanity follows earth
    Earth follow Heaven
    Heaven follows the Tao
    The Tao only follows itself

    The famous Taoist Vegetarian restaurant in the monastery serves many healing recipes, esoteric herbal prescriptions, health teas and tonics. It is an important and symbolic destination for our study tour of the healing longevity arts; perhaps a shining example to the world with food used for medicine and how to form a universal system of health care that is effective, economical and compassionate.

    Jinli Old Street
    Meander along the Jinli Old Street, a well-known snack street clustered with restaurants, tea houses, bars and cafes. It is a paradise for foodie hunters, with an array of Sichuan delicacies on offer. The ‘wide and narrow’ alleyways of Chengdu offer colorful foods and many cultural activities and artisans selling their crafts.

    Leshan Giant Buddha
    Admire the stunning Leshan Giant Buddha carved out of mountains. Carved into the steer cliff, (it took 90 years) the solemn Giant Buddha sits in the heights of 71 meters with his head reaching to the top of mountains and his feet stretching into the bank of river. Climb all the way up the hillside through the narrow stone staircases to appreciate the colossal statue at close proximity. Feel awe for the largest stone of Maitreya Buddha in the world whose feet can accommodate over a hundred of people at one time.

    “He that takes medicine and neglects diet, wastes the skills of the physician” – Chinese proverb

    Study TAO philosophy

    Integrate the principles of yin and yang into your lifestyle, learn how to balance and obtain harmony of the mind/body and master the energetics of Qi life-force. If you are interested in the meaning of Tao, its infinity, it’s meaning and purpose, please join us.

    Study tour objectives with Food as Medicine

    You will learn several important healing dishes, which incorporate Chinese herbs, as well as learn how to balance your life and strengthen your chi/life-force with the art of the 5 elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water and the Universal principle and guiding light of Yin and Yang. You will learn how to put together a Chinese herbal pantry. We will explore the theory and practice of Taoist cooking; through lectures, workshops and marketplace tours.

    The art of Taoist cooking is based on principles of simple, good food and harmony in life, with moderation and balance being the guiding force. The educational objective is to give each student familiarity with the principles and practices of Taoist Dietetics in order to make informed decisions on the applications of dietary needs in their lives, to educate participants in our Longevity Nutrition and herbal medicine approach and to be able to help others on their pathway.

    THE ACADEMY HEALING NUTRITION directed by Roger Green, bases its training on time-tested traditions of food and self-healing. We do not focus on new trendy diets. Our focus is on integrating principles and guidelines from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Taoist Tonic herbal medicine, the lifestyle philosophy of Macrobiotics, Ayurvedic Medicine and The Principles of the Weston A. Price Foundation (a major study in the blue zone cultures of longevity), along with scientifically proven and clinically tested cutting edge supplements and herbal remedies.

    Our Food as Medicine curriculum works, thousands of students have experienced its effects in their lives. We have not had to change what we teach for over 35 years, the principles and ingredients remain the same- in fact- only now modern nutritionist are finally catching up with what we, at the Academy, have been teaching for decades!

    Is it possible to finally get clear about diet, with no more confusion, to find the truth, the middle way, without dogma and prejudice, to tap into your personal power of being your own doctor? We teach only principles and guidelines, practical skills and recipe recommendations – you make the final decisions for your own personal freedom and pathway. It is an approach of self-mastery based on experience– not endless information. We have an emphasis on intuition, feeling, aesthetics, ecology and energetics- rather than the endless analysis of what is good or bad for you told by other people.

    Study the Academy Healing Nutrition’s Longevity Diet

    Food is a vehicle for transformation.  What we put into our bodies has a direct impact on the quality—and longevity—of our lives. When we change our diet, we change everything. Food affects our ability to achieve a healthy weight, regulate our moods, prevent disease, and recover from illness.  A balanced diet promotes harmony in all aspects of our lives. 

    Maintaining and regaining your health is the ultimate creative activity. The Longevity Diet is a healing, rejuvenating diet, grounded in simple, whole, nutrient-rich foods.  It is a deeply nourishing diet, combining time-honored culinary traditions along with Eastern and Western healing methods.  Rooted in ancient wisdom, the Longevity Diet is supported by modern scientific research.  Essential to the longevity diet is the understanding that food is more than just the physical components – food is experienced from a ‘larger’ perspective, knowledge is gained from the study of its energetic aspects: warming, cooling, blood and qi building, and organ system relationships

    Medicinal Herbs

    Restoring or maintaining health is possible through Oriental dietary therapy, which is the appropriate selection of foods and the combination of Chinese Herbal medicine with foods.  The ultimate goal of tonic herbalism is to generate “radiant health” through the regulation of energy, so that the body may be the suitable vehicle for achieving enlightenment, or “immortality” as the Taoists call it.  Not everyone uses the tonics for this lofty goal, but nonetheless, the tonics can aid in achieving any state of health desired.  According to the Taoists, “radiant health” cannot be achieved through bodily efforts alone.  It is necessary to overcome the illusion of “apartness” through direct intuitive perception of one’s unity with nature, and to live harmoniously with all beings, contentedly and peacefully.  The Taoist called this “cultivating the Way.”  Tao tonic herbalism cannot be separated from this grand way.  Though anyone can benefit significantly from the tonics, their ultimate benefit can only be attained through their integration into a path of true physical and spiritual growth.  TCM developed the system of the “superior herbalism,” that is, of the tonics, as a tool to be used wisely on the spiritual path.
    The special class of herbs, known as the Elixir Tonics, are easy to use.  Tens of millions of people in China use them regularly to maintain or build their health.  A large and rapidly growing number of Westerners have discovered these incredible herbs and are now using them with great benefit.
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