Food as Medicine Study Tour
Longevity Arts and Science
China and Hong Kong

with the
Academy Healing Nutrition
2019 TOUR BEGINS in Hong Kong
arrival date is Friday September 6th
Tour ends September 20th in Chengdu

Come Join the Adventure
Are ready for a transformational journey to China and Hong Kong? Our aim is to make your trip a truly memorable and unforgettable experience!

Academy Healing Nutrition Director Roger Green and faculty member Nam Singh are leading an inspiring 14-day  journey into the heart of Taoist culture in Hong Kong and China, immersing us in the arts of Chinese herbal medicine and longevity science.

You will learn first-hand about the practice of Food as Medicine, attend cooking classes, taste fantastic Asian recipes, meet local teachers and visit ancient Taoist and Buddhist temples.

Join us on an adventure of a lifetime! Beginning this September 6th, 2019, we will meet in Hong Kong to begin our journey, to immerse ourselves into the study of health and longevity, and enjoy the company and congeniality of an international group of people focused on balance and harmony in our life journey.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the places and moments that take our breath away.

Your sponsor, Roger Green has had the great fortune to travel to China on many occasionsand has previously organized several study tours. This time it is special – we are joined by Taoist teacher and ordained priest, Nam Singh from San Francisco, who like Roger, has taught Food as Medicine and Taoist Herbs of Longevity for many decades.

Nam Singh had a special childhood and upbringing. Every summer from an early age, he spent in a Taiwanese monastery studying all of the Taoist arts, including cooking, healing foods and herbs, qigong, acupuncture, feng shui and mediation. Later he applied this knowledge as one of the pioneers in TCM and natural medicine in California. For many years in the Academy Healing Nutrition training program, Nam Singh would play a video made in the 1980’s of a very old Taoist temple located in the Chengdu mountains called Qingyanggong where they still serve “Food as Medicine’ and herbal remedies gathered from the surrounding mountains. Each year, our Academy Healing students would proclaim- “when are you going to organize a tour to this most amazing magical and important historical Taoist temple/monastery!”

Well folks, finally that time has arrived. Beginning in Hong Kong with an arrival date of 6th September – the Magical mystery tour begins. It is open to all to join in, especially if you have a keen interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Taoist arts of longevity.

We expect it to be very popular with our students- so make sure you get that deposit placed quick before it gets booked out!


Itinerary overview

Enjoy a comfortable pace and marvel at the extraordinary history, culture and architecture of China. Discover the hidden gems, immerse yourself in local cultures, explore palaces and temples. Greet a Panda bear in Chengdu, learn how to pick tea leaves, visit the Terracotta Soldiers, have a mediation with the giant Lu Shan Buddha, rest and study in the heart and soul of where Taoism began, Chengdu, meet local teachers and learn how to cook with Chinese herbs of longevity (live to a 120 plus!).


This tour is a combination of vibrant Hong Kong and top highlights in mainland China, interlaced with cooking classes with expert Chinese chefs, leading up to the ancient Qingyanggong Taoist temple in Chengdu.


With the glamorous Hong Kong as the start of your China trip, we then proceed onto the majestic historical wonders in Beijing, Xi'an, Chengdu.

  • Your sponsors: Roger Green and Nam Singh – over a 1000-years between them in teaching Taoist principles of longevity (1000 years- wow it must work!)
  • Handpicked hotels in convenient locations
  • Experience the bullet trains of China- whizzzzz through the kaleidoscope of the Chinese countryside
  • Special culinary classes with local teachers
  • If you do not live past 120 years of age from the knowledge you gain from this study tour- we will consider a money back guarantee!

Explore the exotic ancient Taoist and Buddhist civilization of China.


As the decade draws to an end, find yourself in the wonders and delights of China with a group and teachers that has a focus on longevity science and exploring the Asian culinary arts.This tour offers a great chance to appreciate China's natural beauty and rural landscapes, and learn about the Taoist culture with a focus on the longevity cooking arts.


“Medicine and food are of the same origin.” – Chinese saying

You will learn several important dishes, which incorporate Chinese herbs, as well as learn how to balance your life and strengthen your chi/life-force with the art of the 5 elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water and the yin-yang principle. A certificate of competition is presented to all attendees of the intensive “Food as Medicine study tour - Cooking with the 5 elements and Chinese Herbs”


Tour Highlights

  • You finally get to see the Great Wall of China
  • Unveil the imperial life in the Forbidden City
  • Walk in Tiananmen Square
  • Pilgrimage: The White Cloud Taoist Temple in Beijing
  • Have your destiny read at the Hong Kong Wong Tai Sin Temple
  • Discover the first Chinese capital Xian, home of 11 dynasties.
  • Be amazed at over 8,000 life sized Terracotta Soldiers
  • Pilgrimage: The QingyanggongTaoist Temple in the west mountains of Chengdu
  • Pilgrimage: The giant Lu Shan Buddha – the world’s largest stone Buddha carved into the mountain side
  • Feed a Panda Bear
  • Learn new foods, herbs, recipes and cooking styles
  • Culinary classes with local teachers and tea tastings
  • Local food markets tours- discover exotic traditional ingredients
  • Tuition with a focus on health, vitality, herbal medicine and the culinary arts


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China tour Biddhist shrine
China tour Buddhist statue

Explore the ancient Taoist and Buddhist civilizations of China.

past China tour group photo with giant Buddha statueMark the end of the decade with an adventure into the wonders and delights of China.  Join a group of teachers and kindred spiritsdelving into the wisdom of Taoist Longevity science and culinary arts.

Roger Green previously has organized several study tours to China. His travel programs are well paced, unique and exciting. 


We currently are finalizing all of the details of tour dates, pricing and itinerary, with a beginning date of September 6th.

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