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Pioneering new frontiers in Healing Nutrition. Our curriculum combines the time-honored traditions of the East along with modern cutting edge information, enhanced by practical classes and scientific research.

When we change our diet, we change our life. By stressing the natural over the artificial and focusing on simplicity rather than complexity, our program provides you with the tools to live a long and happy life. Have fun and meet like-minded students while you learn and qualify as a Nutrition Coach- the world needs you!  

Below is all the information you need to make your life-changing decision.

Tuition Enrollment Fees

Academy Healing Nutrition offers competitive rates, interest-free monthly payment plan and a generous discount when paid in full. Credit cards are processed through our secure PayPal system. If required, other forms of payment can be made such as checks, cash and bank transfers (by arrangement)

FULL PAYMENT:  $5200 (save $500)

PAYMENT PLAN: $600 deposit to register and secure your place. Auto payment of credit card based on 10 monthly payments of $510 (total $5700)

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2018-2019 Timetable

OCT 13-14, NOV 10-11, DEC 8-9, JAN 12-13, FEB 9-10, MAR 9-10, MAR 30-31, APR 27-28, MAY 18-19, JUNE 8-9
Red indicates a practical cooking class

Venue, Times and Directions

Modules are always on Saturday and Sundays
9.30-5pm each day

242 East 53rd Street, NYC NY 10022.
Manhattan Eastside between 2nd-3rd Avenue.
Near Sutton Place / Turtle Bay / Mid-Town.
Subway: Lexington / 51st / 53rd / 6 E M trains


Education is a process of growth, and the Academy of Healing Nutrition is dedicated to fostering the most essential type of growth – that of the mind, body and spirit. The curriculum is designed to help the students build a solid foundation for their future work as Nutrition Coaches and to take charge of their own health and destiny.

Each of the 10 weekend modules builds upon the previous ones creating a flowing mix of informational lectures, practical cooking classes and self-study. 

We tackle health issues, cultural trends and myths. Our graduates are empowered with clarity, will power and passion to achieve their life’s goals and ambitions. 

There's never been a better time to learn and practice Healing Nutrition….READ MORE ON CURRICULUM

In-House Modules

Intimate class size ensures the maximum amount of personal attention can be given to each student, along with lively discussions and focused detailed instruction. The pacing is good, approximately one module per month which gives you time in-between to think, read, reflect, review, cook and experiment.

It is easy to improve your health if you know how! Individual time with instructors may also be scheduled. If you cannot make all of your in-house modules, you have the option of making up for them with our online modules. All you need to bring is a pen, notebook and smile.   

Practical Cooking Classes

Unlike other nutritional programs, we offer live practical cooking classes. This is because our course is experiential as well as academic.

In addition to providing students with practical skills for preparing a wide variety of healthy dishes and home remedies, our cooking classes create a fun, hands-on forum for experiencing the healing effects of The Longevity Diet across several platforms: sensorial, emotional, intellectual, and social.

No effective nutritional training program would be complete without practical cooking classes (in our humble opinion). That's why we've designed our curriculum to include 4 weekends of culinary practice.

Discover how to prepare delicious, nourishing foods and experience their healing effects. Students are encouraged to ‘repeat’ some of the recipes they have experienced in class between training modules. This simple idea can have powerful dramatic results with transforming your health. 

All you need to bring is a pen, notebook and smile. Recipes and course workbooks are available as downloads from the online classroom. 


Online Training

Qualify as a Nutrition Coach and Holistic Health Practitioner through our online training which is based on the same groundbreaking curriculum as the in-class option. It is the perfect solution for those who wish to attend the Academy, but simply cannot make it due to distance and time constraints.

Students have 24/7 access to online modules, allowing for greater convenience and flexibility. Students have the option of completing their entire training online, or through a combination of in-house and online.

The fee structure is the same for online students, and there are no extra charges for attending any of our in-house modules in NYC. 

Course Books and Resources

Students are provided with extensively researched and inspiring workbooks, including many reference materials, power-point presentations, medical references, recipes, business and client forms. 

These powerful tools will support you both academically and professionally. Only available to those enrolled at Academy Healing Nutrition. All workbooks and resources are available via our online classroom.


The educational seminars are taught by an inspiring dedicated faculty of instructors. They have an average 40 years experience, every one of our visionary teachers has emerged as a pioneer in the field of natural healthcare and the real food movement.

Our world-renowned natural foods chefs will teach you the skill and techniques to incorporate the Longevity Diet into your daily life. They are dedicated to the clarity and accuracy of information you need to revitalize yourself, your family and to be effective leaders, coaches and trainers in your community.

Read more about our faculty.

Graduation Requirements

  • Completion of 10 modules either in-house or online. (120 hours)
  • Read course materials and workbooks.
  • Actively work on your own health improvements and experiment with AHN longevity healing recipes and remedies.
  • Completion of the following assignments:
    • Create a Health Coaching template for use with future clients (templates are provided). Coach two clients as case studies, and journal your experience for classroom discussion.
    • Create an independent study project on a health subject.

You will need to devote some time to self-study and completion of assignments that are required for graduation.  This course is experiential as well as academic. On average our students spend 4 hours per week on course related activities.

Our comprehensive workbooks, study guides, and self-guided tests will enable you to master the information at your own pace.

National Accreditation

Once you graduate from the Academy, you will be able to qualify for national board certification with the AADP, an independent association for holistic health care professionals. You can get more information on their website:

Cancellation Policy

Refunds are granted to students who cancel their enrollment within seven days of registering, minus a $250 registration fee. No refunds will be granted once the course has begun.

Students who withdraw from the program once it has commenced will receive a credit to continue taking the course for up to two years from the date of withdrawal.

Students who register for our interest-free payment plans have signed our terms and conditions contract stating that there are no refunds once the course commences, and that all payments must be made in a timely fashion.

NYC Chinatown Tour - April

Enrolled students can join faculty member Nam Singh, at no extra charge for a tour of New York’s Chinatown on the Friday before the April module, from 1-5pm.

Learn the economic way to shop for powerful tonic herbs and have fun being guided through the streets. You will discover special vegetables, herbs and products, clinics and marketplaces that make Chinatown so unique.

China Study Tour 2019

Come Join the Adventure – July-August 2019 TBA

If you are ready for a transformational trip to China and Hong Kong

AHN Director Roger Green and faculty member Nam Singh are leading an inspiring journey into the heart of the Taoist culture of Hong Kong and China.  By taking part in this 21-day tour, you will immerse yourself in the art of Chinese herbal medicine and Longevity science.

You will learn first-hand about food as medicine, meet local teachers, attend cooking classes, taste fantastic Asian recipes and visit ancient Taoist and Buddhist Temples. Roger Green has previously organized several study tours to China and knows how to design an adventure that is well paced, unique and exciting.


120 Plus Club

The Total Longevity Protocol

Director Roger Green has created the Total Longevity Protocol. Comprised of the Longevity Diet, herbs of longevity, “Teloses” telomere enhancement, Klotho hormone formula, and the Theraphi wellness technology, Total Longevity empowers you to take charge of your health with the best that both Eastern and Western medicine have to offer.

Total Longevity isn’t just about living longer. It’s about living better. Smarter. Happier. And healthier.

With Academy Healing Nutrition’s Total Longevity program, you can expect to live an active, deeply satisfying, and meaningful life well past the age of 100.

Total Longevity Protocol

  • The Longevity Diet
  • Powerful herbs of longevity
  • Telostep telomere enhancement
  • Klotho master longevity hormone
  • Theraphi wellness device

The combination of all of these techniques and technologies, probably represents the most cutting edge longevity protocol on the planet today.

Special wholesale rates are available to Academy Healing Nutrition students and graduates



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