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The combination of all of these techniques and technologies, probably represents the most cutting edge longevity protocol on the planet today.

After more than 35 years on the cutting edge of the holistic health and nutrition fields, Academy Healing Nutrition Founder and Director Roger Green has created the Total Longevity Protocol. Comprised of The Longevity Diet, Herbs of Longevity, “Telostep” Telomere enhancement, Klotho hormone formula, and Theraphi wellness technology, Total Longevity empowers you to take charge of your health with the best that both Eastern and Western medicine have to offer. 

Total Longevity isn’t just about living longer. It’s about living better. Smarter. Happier. And healthier. With Academy Healing Nutrition’s Total Longevity program, you can expect to live an active, deeply satisfying, and meaningful life well past the age of 100.

No longevity protocol will be effective without the Foundation of a powerful diet and use of tonic herbal medicines. In fact, it would be a serious waste of money.

The Total Longevity Protocol features:

  • The Longevity Diet
  • Powerful herbs of longevity
  • Telostep
  • Klotho hormone 
  • Theraphi 



Herbal tonicsNot only can changing your eating habits contribute to a healthier, happier and longer life, but it can facilitate recovery from serious illnesses. With an emphasis on nutrient-rich superfoods and ancient tonic herbs, The Longevity Diet enables you to naturally:

  • Extend your lifespan
  • Nourish your cells
  • Improve your digestion
  • Boost your energy levels
  • Strengthen your immunity and prevent degenerative diseases
  • Enhance your brain power
  • Transform your appearance
  • Relieve stress


After decades of research, the quest for the fountain of youth is finally over. Telostep capsules contain an anti-aging molecule extracted from astragalus, which has been proven to activate telomerase production in adult cells. 

  • Telomeres repair and protect your DNA. 
  • Damaged telomeres are connected to premature aging, a weakening of the immune system, lower bone density, and a higher potential for cellular mutations such as cancer.
  • There is a very real correlation between longer telomeres and longer life, not to mention improvements in vision, mental clarity, memory, skin and complexion, sexual performance, and overall vitality.
  • Telostep has the bio availability that rebuilds, restores and repairs your telomeres.

Telostep is available exclusively through Academy Healing Nutrition.

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Klotho Formula targets the genes that are in control of the thread of life, called ‘Klotho’. 

Named after the mythological Greek goddess Klotho (responsible for spinning the thread of life), this gene performs many biological functions and appears to be the most significant and consequential factor determining human lifespan. 

The bottom line is; the more Klotho you have in your system, the longer you will live and that is a medical fact. It is backed up by peer-reviewed publications highlighting the role of the microbiota in immortality.  The formula contains bacterial that make high levels of klotho. These bacteria set up residence in the intestine, produces Klotho and sends it into the body.  


The Klotho Formula is an innovative product that has no equals. The latest innovation by Dr. Marco Ruggiero, a medical longevity researcher. This formula may prove to be the greatest medical-science breakthrough in history.

Klotho Immortals

More details on how to purchase:
email Roger Green: Info@Breakthru-Technologies.com
Website page: www.Breakthru-Technologies.com/Klotho


The Theraphi wellness technology device provides a holistic, non-invasive and painless method of restoring the cells of the body to an optimal state of health. By producing a powerful bio-active field that triggers cell memory reversal, Theraphi treatments are capable of reducing pain from a variety of ailments, mitigating age-related diseases, and enhancing longevity.

Theraphi is suitable for:

  • Individuals with serious injuries and/or degenerative diseases
  • Individuals who follow a rigorous anti-aging protocol
  • Health spas
  • Holistic medical centers

The therapeutic effects of Theraphi include:

  • Reduced pain and inflammation
  • Wound and disease healing
  • Anti-aging
  • Improved energy levels
  • Increased circulation
  • Enhanced immune system
  • A longer, healthier life


Theraphi devices and treatments are available through Academy Healing Nutrition.

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Special wholesale rates are available for all above products to Academy Healing Nutrition students and graduates.