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May 18-27, 2018

This is the third ‘Alchemy of Prague’ sponsored by Roger Green and he promises you there will be days of intrigue, adventure and pure fun!
We begin in Prague then later travel to South Bohemia to the medieval township of Cesky Krumlov, the historical heart and soul of Western Alchemy and the reinstatement of the Hermetic traditions.
Our venue in Prague is the Edward Kelley Tower, where John Dee and Edward Kelley would make their alchemical preparations and medicines. It is probably one of the most powerful, historical locations in the world to teach alchemy. 
The Alchemy of Cannabis.
The setting is perfect for one of the foremost alchemical teachers in the world, Aurelius Electrum to conduct his workshop. We will set up a practical alchemical lab and take you through the process of making Cannabis (CBD oil) medicines.
Later in the week in Cesky Krumlov, Paul will take us through the advance states of Alchemy and how to work with the metals - Lead, Mercury, Gold and the transmutations of the elements, including the Philosophers Stone. Our stay in Cesky Krumlov will be highlighted with a themed medieval feast held in an old Bohemia room. On Friday you can experience a ceremony and ritual involving the alchemical and Enochian traditions, facilitated by Aurelius, Alaerian, Dr
Burns, Eva Lenova and Dan Winter. Dr. Teresa Burns will give a presentation on the Enochian Ophanic Angelic language developed by John Dee. She will be accompanied by Alan J Moore, playing his harp. We also have an intriguing walking tour of Prague Castle with Eliska Bridges, a river cruise party and tours of Old
Bohemia places of power.
The Vincent Bridges Book Release.
Join us for a very special celebration on Saturday evening May 19th. Esoteric historian and researcher Vincent Bridges, best known for his work on Nostradamus, Enochian, and the intersections of John Dee, Edward Kelley, and William Shakespeare, passed away in 2014, and left several unpublished manuscripts, including “An Alchemical Enigma: A Short History of the Rise and Fall of Sir Edward Kelley.” This manuscript, edited by Dr. Teresa Burns and Eliska Bridges, is being released at our Prague event. We are also celebrating the release of a CD recording of the Angelic Callings with acclaimed Czech vocalist Iva Maresova.
You will be totally surrounded by Sacred Geometry, Alchemy and an aura of mystery!
The Czech Republic is a place filled with fascinating culture and spiritual history. The building materials (made from paramagnetic rock), the cobblestone streets, the classical architecture based on sacred geometry and the intimate human scale (not to mention the best beer in the world) combined with the conviviality of your fellow adventurers all adds up to a powerfully beautiful personal experience.
Because of our unique historical venues, there is a tight limitation on space, so first in first served to secure your place! We highly recommend you book now and receive the early payment discounts.
Book by the 1st May 2018 and
save! Start planning your trip now.
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 Breakthru Technologies and Theraphi Symposium in France

4 days of innovation and inspiration - Technology is evolving. Are you?

Join us this summer in South France June 8th thru 11th for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and the power to make a difference. 

Featuring the THERAPHI Device - Hydrogen Frequencies - Cold Fusion Physics - Waste to Energy - Hyper Sonic Propulsion - Bio-Feedback Technology - Longevity Science - Universal Fractal Field Applications - South France Tour and much more!

Read about our line-up of speakers, inventions, special events and details on accommodation, fees, travel and tours:


June 13 - 24, 2018

For all lovers of French cuisine, good wine, ancient legends and mysterious stories, we have prepared a unique experience in Southern France based on over our 12 years of sponsoring tours and retreats in this region of the world. Nowhere is there an esoteric heritage as old or as rich as the exquisitely beautiful Languedoc and Catalan regions. Become acquainted with sacred Cathar sites, trace the legends of the Holy Grail, unravel The Da Vinci Code, follow the footprints of Saint Trophime, old alchemists and Nostradamus, walk amongst the ancient standing stones and dolmens, all imbued with the mythology of Mary Magdalene.

Our timing is perfect, as our grand finale of the tour, we will all witness and partake in SAINT JEAN’S DAY Celebration of the Summer Solstice at on the famous Cathar Mount Segur!

We invite you to join us after the Breakthru-Technologies conference being held on June 8-11 at Lake Monbel, to begin our South France tour on June 13th. Arrive into Carcassonne on June 12th or earlier, take a few days in Paris then a train ride to Carcassonne. We will transfer you to Lake Monbel where the tour begins at 9am, 13th June.

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 New York City Open Houses 2018

The enrollment season for our October NYC program opens in March. We offer a number of opportunities to our prospective students to learn about the Nutrition Coach training program and meet our instructors, graduates and faculty members. Every month until October we host open houses where you can get a taste of what we teach in the program. Each open house has a special guest and a themed talk on a topic that we cover in the course. We will be happy to share these evenings with you and answer any questions you have about our Nutrition Coach training program.

We invite you to our free informational evenings in New York on the following dates in 2018:

  • Thursday, April 19
  • Thursday, May 3
  • Thursday, May 31
  • Thursday, June 14
  • Friday, September 21
  • Tuesday, October 2
  • Thursday, October 11

TIME: 7:30pm - 9pm

To register for the upcpming open house click here or call 1(646) 812-0091