Melanie Ferreira

Health Educator, Writer and Nutritional Consultant Melanie Ferreira has been a pioneer in the Culinary and Healing Arts for the last 30 years and has devoted her life to the relationship between food and its effects on health.

She started her culinary training in Boston with many prominent Japanese Chefs and went on to become the Head Chef and manager of the Seven Sheaves Restaurant in London, England where she developed her cuisine based on organic, whole, seasonal, and local foods. 

Melanie continued her training in the Oriental Healing Arts with Michio Kushi, Jack Garvey, Jeffrey Yuen, Drew Divittorio, and Roger Green, incorporating many of these principles in her teachings. A pioneer in combining gourmet and healthful cuisine she was a personal chef consultant to 2 of the Princesses from the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia as well as the French actress Isabel Adjani.

She was the founder of the Healthy Gourmet Cooking School and the Director of the Nova Institute Cooking School in Colorado. She has been a contributing food writer for health publications including Natural Health magazine, and Macro News. Recently Melanie has been featured on several New York City television shows, including Views with Roz Abrams and Channel 5 evening news.

Her most recent accomplishment includes certification in Classical Feng Shui from The New York School of Feng Shui and Amerchi Feng Shui School. She has been incorporating many of these principles in her nutritional counseling including The Four Pillars of Destiny an ancient Chinese Astrology. She is presently an instructor in the Natural Gourmet Cookery School Chef's Training Program and the Institute for Food & Health as well as maintaining a private consulting practice in the tri-state area. Melanie is also head of Slow Food Hudson Valley that supports local, organic, sustainable cuisine as well as the farm to table connection.


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