Inga Bylinkina

IngaHeadNov12 2011 Inga Bylinkina is Academy of Healing Nutrition graduate and holistic wellness educator. 

She got her Masters degree in Linguistics and Intercultural Communication from Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University in Russia in 2001.

After moving to the United States she started noticing unpleasant symptoms in her body, which became a catalyst for her search for better health and led to studies of Daoism, TCM, Ayurveda, holistic wellness, shamanism, energy medicine, feng shui and spirituality.

After completing her studies at the Academy in 2007 she continued to persue her studies of Chinese Medicine and took two certification courses with Jeffrey Yuen -  Chinese Dietary Therapy and Chinese Herbal Patent Formulas, Nam Singh's course on Tonic Elixir Making and intensive seminar on Cooking with Chinese Herbs, participated in Ron Teeguarden's Tonic Hebal Elixir Master program and got certified in Touch For Health kinesiology. She currently continues her studies of Planetary Herbology at the East West Herbal School, as well as Craniosacral Therapy with Gary Strauss.

Being exposed and drawn to herbal medicine since childhood, she continues to nourish her passion for herbs and natural healing. Since 2005 she has studied with many herbalists and TCM practitioners, including Michael and Lesley Tierra, JP Khalsa, Miles Coleman and Drew de Vittorio.

Inga is passionate about Food as Medicine and is always experimenting with the most powerful healing foods and herbs known to man. She spends a lot of time in the kitchen-lab creating healing dishes, tonic elixirs, herbal remedies and natural skincare.

Inga teaches about superfood nutrition, tonic herbal elixirs, healing protocols for various health conditions, as well as detoxification and rejeneration rituals.

She has been with Academy since 2007.