Roger Green

A co-founder of one of the first alternative medicine centers in Australia, Roger Green served as director of the Australian School of Healing from 1985 to 1999. After founding and directing several private natural health clinics, Green established The Academy of Healing Nutrition with branches in New York, San Francisco, London, and Sydney.

Roger is recognized as one of the world's most innovative and dynamic teachers on modern day natural healthcare. A lively and enthusiastic teaching style, he illuminates and explores the deeper principles and underlying wisdom of an ancient philosophies and Taoist Medicine. Integrating various schools of knowledge into a creative, flexible and holistic approach, Roger is one of the most sought after educators and consultants. With twenty years of experience and practical involvement with natural healing, Roger has developed a unique ability to communicate the subtleties of Oriental thought in a profound and meaningful way.

Workbooks provided in this course represent many years of research. This information is only available to students attending this curriculum and is not published to the general public. He has taught aspects of this curriculum in over 40 countries and 200 cities.

Roger has organized several study tours in China, India, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Tibet, Mexico and Peru and has sponsored Ecology conferences in Prague, Zurich, Melbourne, California and New England. Roger Green conducts Professional Holistic Health Practitioner programs in London, America and Australia.

He will cover the concepts of Oriental Diagnosis, self-healing and Food Energetics. There will be practical sessions on shiatsu, home remedies, compress and other healing techniques. He will show you how natural healing really works!